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Safe Powder paint colour powder

As a worldwide distributor supplying many Colour Run / Holi Festivals / Holi Web shops / Holi colour Distributor we take safety and colour powder as product serious. We sell only certified safe powder paint colour powder.

Below the video some of the tests and certificates our paint powder and colour powder products passed:

We keep improving our colour powder and paint powder products to meet with the standards of worldwide authorities. That is why many of the famous and respected Colour Run and Holi Festivals partner with our company since many years.

There is a lot of cheap and not safe paint powder and colour powder for sale. Make sure you buy safe and certified holi colors. Don´t put your color runners or festival guests in danger. Our holi colors are safe and easy to clean.

  • VDI 2263 (1) EU Non Flame / Explosive test
  • EU Cosmetic regulation 1223 / 2009
  • OSHA Non Flame / Explosive test USA / South America
  • SGS United Kingdom: Toxicological Risk Assesment
  • SGS: No heavy metals
  • FDA (USA) Approved
  • ISO manufacturing certificat 22716:2007
  • MSDS: Stating all ingredients and safety instruction

Safety at Colour Run and safety at Holi Festival

We always advice organizers to promote wearing goggles or glasses. The colour powder is not toxic, but powder in your eyes in general is not pleasant. If powder paint comes in your eyes we advice you to flush with water.

Advice the volunteers at Colour stations at a colour run not to aim for peoples faces. If the colour powder comes in your drink you can still drink it. All ingredients used are permitted in food and cosmetic industry. But ordering a fresh one will taste better.

Breathing colour powder for a short period of time should not give any trouble. Breathing dust in general frequently or for a long time is not healthy. In case of asthma feel free to contact us for advice.

In case you have an allergy for cornstarch, you better avoid contact with this product.

If you want to buy colour powder in Britain, UK, Ireland contact Kingdom of Colors.


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Caclulate your Powder

VDI 2263(1) Non Dust Expl

Our product is tested NON DUST EXPLOSIVE VDI 2263(1) in Germany. Report on request.

Cosm 1223 / 2009 approved

Ingredients used in our products are approved under European Union Cosmetic regulation  1223 / 2009.

OSHA / USA Non Dust Expl

Our product is tested NON DUST EXPLOSIVE / OSHA in USA. Report on request.

EN 71 Part III approved

Our product is tested under EN 71 Part III. Documentation on request.

Worldwide Delivery

We do fast and reliable worldwide shipping. We always choose the cheapest /fastest and most efficient option. We use Air Freight / Sea Freight / DHL / Truck delivery. A pick up from our warehouse is also possible.

Free Sample Service

We offer our clients free sample service to test our product. The samples are free of cost. Note: We might charge you for the courier costs.

FREE Logo Printing

What is more fun then having your own logo on your packaging. We offer this service starting from 25.000 bags. Please respect a lead time of approx 9 weeks. Faster is possible, but extra costs will be there.