PTA Colour Run

 As a PTA member each and every year it is a challenge to come up with several fun activities for the kids / students, school staff and parents.

Since 10 year we assist and supply Parent Teacher Association Colour Runs. It is a true pleasure to receive positive feedback from almost all of them. Most PTA colour run have become an annual event at these schools. And most PTA colour run grow each year. Often the PTA Colour run are charity fundraisers.

Nothing beats a day of colour fun and being active outdoors. Not even mentioning all the wonderful photo’s and video’s afterwards. Host a PTA colour run with our support and you will see how easy and affordable it is. Let us take you through the process step by step.

Where to start hosting a PTA Colour Run?

At your next PTA meeting just propose the idea of a Parent Teacher Associoation Colour Run.

Usually the first reaction is very positive is our experience. Many must have heard of the concept and most probably have seen these type of colour events happening at other schools.

First questions that usually rise are: Is the colour powder for our a PTA Colour party safe? How do we take care of the cleaning part? And of course what will be the costs for a PTA Colour Run?

Let us quickly take you through these FAQ’s.

– Is the colour powder safe? Yes our colour powder is 100% safe and used since many years by most of the large and respected colour events all over the world. We will share all our documentation if needed. For eye protection and of course fun we offer sunglasses.

– How do we take care of the cleaning part? Our colour run powder is made of cornstarch and food grade dyes. The area where your Parent Teacher Association Colour Run will be held and all the participants will be clean in no time. If you need advise or additional information how to make your PTA colour run a big success just call or email us.

– Can I also host a PTA Colour party or Festival instead of a colour run? Of course. For a PTA Colour party we offer small 70 gram and 100 gram bags. These are easy to hand out to all the kids. Most PTA colour party or festivals offer each participant 3 to 7 small bags depending on the budget en length of the PTA Colour party.

– What will be the costs for a PTA Colour Run? There is not really 1 simple answer to this question. But we can tell you that it is possible to host a PTA Colour Run at GBP 2,- / 2,5 per participant. You will have enough colour powder or powder paint to cover each runner. Items which make your PTA colour run extra fun, but also a bit more expensive are: Colour Run sunglasses / Hand Cannons and of course our famous Colour Extinguishers.

How to host a PTA / Parent Teacher Association Colour Run

A PTA school colour run is no different from a regular colour run. Please follow this link; the information will guide you through the whole process.

We are aware most PTA Colour Runs are fundraisers. For this reason we offer schools and PTA’s our lowest possible rates. On top we always try to do something extra for you. Maybe some free colour powder hand cannons for instance.

All the charity and fundraiser colour runs we partner with manage to raise a lot of money. This by approaching sponsors and of course let the kids find their own sponsors. And our experience is that selling our famous colour powder party packs also is nice way of generating some additional funds. Also consider our colour run sunglasses.

We wish you a lot of fun with your Parent Teacher Association Colour Run. Of course you could also consider a PTA Colour party . Please feel free to contact us for any possible questions or additional info. Together we will make sure you, the kids, staff and parents will have an unforgettable day and successful PTA Colour Run.







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