There are many occasions you can decide to organize a colour powder party Holi Festival.

It can be the start of the year at your school or the anniversary of your sports club or a birthday. Or you just feel like bringing people together to have some serious color fun with coloured powder.

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Follow below guidelines and your colour powder party or Holi Festival will be a guaranteed success. Organize Colour party Holi Festival and have fun.

(Above our paint powder in action. 40.000 people (Credits Colour Day Festival)

Plan the date you want to organize colour powder party or Holi Festival

It all starts with a date. If you want it to be an outdoor event you best plan the colour party or Holi Festival in spring / summertime of course. Timing for a holi colour event is best during the day. The coloured powder have best effect in daylight. For night colour events we offer UV Neon coloured powder.

Location: Holi Colour powder party or Holi Festival venue

How many people do you expect to come to your Color party or Holi Festival.

If you are planning a large Colour party you might need to discuss this with the local authorities and get an event permit. It could be
authorities ask for safety documentation. For events this size a park, city square, industrial area or beach can be suitable.

For smaller colour powder events you are more flexible. In case the holi party is for your school or sports club you might be able to use their grounds.

Invitation and promotion of your Colour powder party or Holi Festival

If it is a private party it is easy. Make a nice colourful invitation and send it to all your friends. Using social media also works very well. There are more then enough photos and videos to get your friends in the colour party mood.

Are you planning a large scale Holi Festival it is very important enough people buy tickets. The marketing of these type of events is mostly done through social media these days. It is efficient and cost efficient Make sure the first edition of your holi festival is perfect. It will automatically promote next editions of your holi festival.

our festival packages
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The ingredients to organize a Holi Festival a Colour party

The big day is there! All festival party people showed up and the sun is shining. Of course you arranged good music preferably played by a professional DJ. You can offer basic food and snacks, but food trucks are very popular these days. Further you can offer all sorts of entertainment and fun activities.

Party and Festival coloured powder

And last but not least of course the powder paint for your Colour powder party or Holi Festival. Without coloured powder no Holi party. For the safety of your guests and environment we advice you to only buy coloured powder in Britain, UK or Ireland that is safe and certified. This makes the cleaning part of the venue and the people also more easy.

We offer a large range of holi colour products. Our coloured powder are used all over the world by famous Holi Festivals and Colour Runs and fun runs. The coloured powder bags are good to sell as merchandise. The larger bulk powder paint packaging can be used to fill fire paint powder extinguishers to create coloured powder sprays. Our squeezy bottles create a nice dust cloud. Use our colour party canons to shoot colour powders into the air with a loud BANG! Our sunglasses are a great remembrance. All our holi colours are easy to clean.

We offer our clients logo printing on all powder paint packaging. This can be used for promotion or to mention your holi event sponsors.

Organize Colour party Holi Festival and have fun! Contact us if you would like to buy powder in Britain, UK or Ireland paint for your next event.