How to organize or host colour run with Color Run powder paint. And what makes a Run a Colour Run? A Colour Run is not about competition. It is all about colours, having fun together and stay fit. People are invited to run a track with several colour stations. At these colour stations, the passing colour runners have colour run powder thrown at them. The length of the colour run track is most of the time 5 km. That is why people also call it a happy 5k. Host colour run with Kingdom of Colors.

Along the track there are colour run stations. A happy 5k colour run has 5 Colour stations. But you can also choose to have 3 or 4 colour run colour stations. Each Colour station has its own specific colour of powder paint. At the Colour station volunteers are ready to toss the color run powder paint on the passing colour runners.

When reaching the finish each runner should have passed all colour stations. Everyone will be nicely covered with coloured powder. Below info should give you guidance how host a colour run. Below we explain step by step how to host a colour run. A colour run is also a very good charity fundraiser.

The Colour Run station

At each colour run station 1 specific color of powder paint is available. Depending on the number of participants there are volunteers to throw the coloured powder on the passing runners. Squeeze bottles, cups, shovels can be used to throw the holi colours on
the passing runners. Get the colour run station ready on time and instruct the volunteers not to aim for peoples faces. You can mark the colour stations with flags and blow-ups. For the colour stations we offer 1KG / 5KG / 10KG / 25KG bulk packaging in 7 colours.

If you want to give the start of your school colour run something really special; try our Colour Blasters. These produce a large 4 KG spray!

The Colour Run track

An ideal place to host a colour run is first of all safe for all runners and spectators. Places like a park, sports club grounds, school
playground, city square work perfectly fine as colour run track. Most colour runs choose a length of approx 5 km. But you can decide this for yourself. Sometimes for kids a little shorter track works better. Host a colour run and have fun!

Colour run powder paint

Buy colour run powder in Britain, UK or Ireland that is safe and certified. Do not compromise on this. Avoid the risk of having people with health and cleaning problems or damage to the environment.

our colour run packages

A question we receive a lot: How much colour run powder paint do I need for a colour run? If you calculate 350 to 400 gram per participant, you will have enough to host a successful event. That comes to 70 to 80 gram per person per colour station. The bulk holi colours or powder paint for the colour stations we supply in 5 / 10 / 25KG bulk colour bags. Buy colour run powder in Britain, UK or Ireland at Kingdom of Colors. Organize colour run with our safe and certified powder paint.

Host colour run: Start and finish of a colour run

Hereby some elements that for sure make your colour run unforgettable. It is good fun to do a warming up together. One person can take the lead and you can ask the DJ to play some energetic music to warm up the crowd. If you want to make your start or finish really special: use our hand cannons or paint powder extinguisher

A good finish is something that can give your colour run that bit extra. All runners can celebrate together they reached the finish line. It is always fun to see your fellow runners covered with paint powder.

our colour run packages

This is also the moment you can create the famous count down moment. By distributing small colour powder bags with paint powder to all runners you offer them a once in a lifetime experience.

One person should coordinate the countdown. If you have a DJ this will be the perfect person to make everyone throw the holi colours in the air at the same moment. This all should give you guidance how organize a colour run. Host a colour run and have a great time!

Cleaning after a colour run

Check here for some tips and tricks for cleaning after a colour run.

Contact us if you want to buy paint powder paint in Britain, UK or Ireland.