Gender reveals have been incredibly popular for many years. We have developed an excellent assortment of fabulous pink and blue colour products especially for this very special time in your life. As a wholesales supplier, we supply many gender reveal webshops.

Check out our special gender reveal supplies! With our unique Gender Reveal supplies, you can turn your gender reveal party into an unforgettable time. Is it going to be a boy or a girl? These products can tell your friends and family the answer in a unique manner. If you do not want to know the results yourself, then you can ask a friend or family member to place the order.

Are you organizing a Gender Reveal Party and are you looking to purchase one of our items? Check out our special gender reveal supplies!

Our Gender Reveal Fire Extinguishers are available on Amazon. Click on the item you would like to order, to check the available options.

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Gender Reveal Fire Extinguishers

If you are looking for something unique, we strongly recommend our gender reveal fire extinguisher. The baby reveal extinguishers are filled with 4KG colour powders.

The powder gets released under immens pressure, creating a beautiful Pink or Blue cloud! These gender reveal cannons come pressurized and completely ready to use. The manual sticker will guide you through the operational proces.

The Pink or Blue colour powder-filled fire extinguishers are, of course, neutral in colour on the outside. This way the secret remains hidden until the last moment!

Gender Reveal Powder Spray

With this wonderful set 2 x Gender Reveal Spray Girl you can reveal the gender of your little one together!

The Colour Powder Spray cans are filled with 300g of Colour Powder. With these you spray the Colour Powder into the air under pressure, creating a wonderful effect!

The Colour Powder Sprays are white on the outside, so that the color remains a surprise until the last moment.

Operating the Gender Reveal Sprays is simple, just Shake and Spray!

Gender Reveal Shooters

With our Gender Reveal Hand Cannons, you shoot a cloud of colour powders 4 meters into the air with great pressure.These Gender Reveal shooters can be operated manually. The shooters are filled with approx. 100g colour powder and are ready for use immediately.

The colour is not visible from the outside, which makes these shooters ideal to use for your Gender Reveal Party!