A colour run fundraiser charity is proven to be a very successful fundraiser. We work together with many NGO´s and charity organizations helping them to raise funds for charity.

Think of all the free publicity your colour run fundraiser charity will get from the media. Photos and videos will be shared on social media by the participants. The promotion for your next edition has already started. Organize a Colour Run Fundraiser for Charity with powder paint.

Holi colour events and fundraising are almost inseperable these days. What better combination could you think of? Happy people, sports, bright colour powder all over the place and most important, funds for your good cause. A color run fundraiser is a lot of fun and will give unforgettable memories. For night events we have Neon UV paint powder.

Beside the money you will generate for your organization, the fundraiser will also get a lot of attention. This will be good for future donations.

If you want to give the start of your school colour run something really special; try our Colour Blasters. These produce a large 4 KG spray!

Since many years we advice NGO´s, schools and all type of other charity organizations around the world how to organize colour events for a good cause. Some of these events have several thousand participants. Enjoy the clouds of colour powder.

How to organize a Color Run fundraiser

Most of the information is the same for a regular colour run and a colour run for charity. Click here for all information.

The main difference is how to make sure you will raise funds and get media attention for your organization or good cause.

Charity colour run sponsors

There is two type of sponsors you could focus on for your charity color run.

1. You can approach suppliers and local businesses and ask them to support your colour powder event. In return you can offer them visuability. This could be on banners, flags, tickets, social media etc. We can also sticker or print the names of your sponsors on the powder paint bags.

In case of a colour run for charity it is very common a sponsor is covering the costs and colour powder for a colour station. We can try to supply you a specific colour of powder paint that matches your sponsor. See here all colour powder products and packagings we offer. All our Holi colour throwing powder paint powder products are easy to clean.

These sponsors for your colour run for charity are ment to cover the costs for organizing the event.

Our colour run packages

2. The colour runners: It is the participants and the people sponsoring them that will bring in the money.

Are you planning a colour run fundraiser contact us for safe powder paint and if you would like to buy powder paint in Britain, UK or Ireland. Buy coloured powder for a fundraiser for charity at Kingdom of Colors!

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